The word for this year is “Focus”.

Last year I worked on “Growth”, with mixed success. I had a lot of growth professionally but personally was a bit of a wash. This year, I am working on drilling in on certain personal fundamentals using focus.

Some steps I will take:

Using discipline, but not to the point of punishment. I want to stay focused without punishing myself for lapses.

Eliminating distractions in my life. I’m working on deciding what is a distraction this week, and will put those things aside while I concentrate on what I’ve decided is important.

Setting up systems and processes to help me make good decisions and stay focused. Some examples are using the available free tech resources I have at my fingertips to remind me to move more throughout the day.

Boost my concentration by automating certain aspects of my life so I stop spending my time making decisions on unimportant items.

Utilize the two minute rule to push myself into starting things I need to do, knowing that my brain will engage after I get started.

It’s small but I gotta start somewhere 🙂

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